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How did the poster market evolve and where does it currently stand? With access to more than 10, 000 pieces of detailed information about auction results, you will find these answers and more in our price comparison index. Use the search feature for themes or artist’s names to find the motifs you are looking for. For each artist and motif, only the poster with the highest hammer prize is listed, the prices include surcharge and VAT.

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C a t e g o r y c o n s p e c t u s
Exhibitions, meetings, fairs Baths, guest trade, circus, zoo
Banking, insurance, lottery, trading stamp posters Office, photo, watches, decoration
Firm whole Switzerland Film posters
Beverages Body hygiene and hygiene in generally
Communication, radio, television Art and culture
Fairs Fashion Clothing Textiles Shoes
Music events Food
Politics elections and voting Print products Typography Publishing houses
Cleaning washing etc. School Education Health
Social Security Preventing Environment Sporting events
Tobacco goods Theatre meetings
Tourism Traffic and energy
Goods and department stores Live, household, garden